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M. Stambobsky, Buyer -Westport, CT

Joni worked so hard to get to know our family and our needs. She was always available and always willing to run and look at a new listing. We found the perfect house after a good amount of looking and always felt Joni was on our side. Just sent her an email thanking her for everything. Excerpt:

I just put the baby to bed and (husband) is reading to (older daughter) in the family room—we are so happy in our new house. Thank you for all of the work you did with us to help us find the perfect place. The neighborhood is lovely, kids around, and everyone is very friendly. My commute to work is AMAZING and the yard is so much fun—2 weeks ago we had a bounce house in the backyard for (older daughter’s) 4th birthday party.
We couldn’t be happier here. Thank you!