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How’s The Market? May 2020

Dear Friends Wow! Check out the latest inventory reports, and for last month's complete data, please click below. - you will be surprised.- low inventory, more volume. This spells seller's market ! If you have specific questions, need some ...

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How’s The Market? April 2020

Hello and Welcome to Day 9,720 of QUARANTINE oh, and . . . HappyPassover! Happy Easter! Happy Spring 2020! Below you will find the latest market statistics we post each month as well as some timely real estate related information and l...

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All the Right Moves. All the Right Places

Hi, All, I love having a platform that gives me the opportunity to share, and as you know, I have done so sparingly. BUT, fast forward to March 2020, the unleashing of a pandemic during Spring market,, and I think, how can I ...

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How’s The Market? March 2020

Dear Friends, How’s the current market? Good question! As this week progressed, and as the World Health Organization classified this new strain of Corona as a pandemic, the reassuring feelings we heard earlier in the week in economic news ...

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How’s The Market ? February 2020

Dear Friends, Apropos Valentine's Day - we are definitely FEELING THE LOVE ! Did you know New Yorkers loves us the most - did you know 32% of new Connecticut residents have reportedly moved from New York*? ...

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How’s The Market ? January 2020

Dear Friends, Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, Happy January! Guess we're all hoping this temperate weather will continue to visit as the winter progresses, and with only less than three weeks to Super Bowl Sunday, the traditional start ...

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How’s The Market ? December 2019

Dear Friends, Do you see a lot of for sale signs around your neighborhood ? Well, guess what ? We currently have FAR LESS housing inventory for sale in towns around Fairfield County with only a couple of exceptions, and...

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How’s The Market ? October 2019

Dear Friends, Ready for the latest market data for our area, and a great illustration of why effective real estate marketing means "know thy buyer" ? Note this month that most median sale prices have fallen in Fairfield...

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How’s The Market ? September 2019

Dear Friends, I am excited for Fall, and I hope you are too! It's busy out there ! Very encouraging activity this month and it appears the market is catching up to last year after an inauspicious first half. Lots of buyers...

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