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How’s The Market? October 2020

Hard to believe we're almost at Halloween, and while 2020 has certainly 'turned into a pumpkin' in more ways than one (actually that's not being fair to all the gorgeous, colorful pumpkins out there right now) the one thing we can be grateful f...

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How’s The Market? September 2020

Dear Friends, What more buoyant real estate related news can I ever expect to report than this -- buyer confidence is reaching new highs, with extraordinary year-over-year sales throughout Fairfield County. And our high buyer demand (in every p...

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How’s The Market? August 2020

Dear Friends, Now that our area’s market has been hotter than a dog-day of summer without electricity, just how hot is this market ? Crazy hot ! Westport sales volume jumped over 200% since 2019 with days on market is down almost 30%. Wilt...

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